And the Moon is a Blind Eye

Life on Mars. Anything John Simm/Philip Glenister related. Person of Interest. Some Doctor Who (RTD era). A lot of fanart, some personal things. Enjoy your stay. <3


Marriage in trouble? Wife missing/murdered/with another man? Feeling abandoned by the world? Come and join our group therapy!

(This Is basically what happened to Simm’s characters in 2014. ;_;)


I was rewatching Retribution the other day and I mean honestly

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Have a photo of a WIP because I’m really really proud of how that sketch turned out ; v;

Omg welcome back indeed

yay looking good :3! can’t wait to talk to you again btw, and to do double-draw sessions! So much more fun to draw together.

Eeeeee thank you!! <3333 And yesss I’ve been missing yooouuu, and it’s been ages since we did a double-draw, we so need to do that again. You are so right. <333333333333

someone ain&#8217;t pleased

someone ain’t pleased

I am sad over Doctor Who :(

Welcome back!!!!! We missed youuuuu

*HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS* missed you toooooooooo <33333333333


Success, a short comic about following your dreams

(made in celebration of my Facebook page reaching 100K Likes)

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