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Downton Abbey/Breaking Bad. Walter White is an American businessman who totally makes meth in the basement, Jesse is his surly manservant who says bitch every other word, and Gus manages to blow up Downton. We can call it Breaking Downton Abbey and it will be glorious.

George Gently/Life on Mars: Sam and Gently would bond over their progressiveness, and Gene and Bacchus would get drunk and start a fire in CID.

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Did you buy the clip studio?? Me too!!!

yup! Before summer already actually, it was discounted back then too. I really like it - great tools, and I’m getting to know it more and more, aND IT WAS ONLY 10€ I MEAN HOLY WHOA. Yeah super satisfied with that purchase. XD

just playing around with tools in CSP

and that’s everyone notified. <3 Thank you so much again, everyone! And I promise there will be new art soon - I’ve got several big things coming up, and two of them are next week, so after that I should be ok again. More free time. <3

That’s it, the give-away’s closed! I shall sit down and determine the winners asap. We have 22 (eligible) people who entered, so that means there will be 8 winners. :D

I’ll contact each of you as soon as I get the list sorted out - but let me already say THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED, I love you guysssssssssssssssss




Okay with a LOT of delay, here it finally is: My give-away for YOU, my lovely lovely followers! :’D <3333333 So without further ado, here is how things are gonna work:

  • You have to be following me in order to be able to participate in this give-away. This is a thank-you for my followers, after all~
  • Enter via like or reblog - doing both won’t really benefit you though, seeing as your name will appear on the final list only once.
  • The more people enter the give-away, the more people will actually receive something! :D For every 10 people who enter, there will be 4 winners - so 8 for twenty, 12 for thirty, and so on. The more the merrier~
  • The very first person to be selected by the randomizer will, in addition, receive a special little something (it’s a surpriiiiiise :D)~
  • Make sure you have your askbox enabled, since I’ll contact you as soon as the give-away is over!
  • I’ll ship the prints in safe envelopes (enforced with cardboard) no matter where you live. I will also pay the shipping fees. Anything for you lovelies. <3
  • The give-away will end on the 15th of October at 9:00pm MET. I’ll determine the winners and contact them straight away!

So, what am I giving away, you ask? Well, the poll was pretty clear on that: Most of you wanted prints! :D So that’s what you’re gonna get~ Without further ado, I present you a list of artworks you’ll get to choose from. Yes, that’s right - EVERYONE will get to choose WHICHEVER print they want. No limits in terms of stock~)

A4 prints:

Postcard prints:

And if there’s any more artworks you want me to put on those lists, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message. This is for you guys, after all~ <333333

Aaaaand that’s it! Let me just say it again… thank you so much for you guys’ support. It really means a lot - that I can share my art with people who appreciate it so much. Love you guys. <33333333333333

REMINDER! Not much longer to go guys~ And remember, if there’s any more recent artwork of mine you want on that list, just shoot me a message!



Christmas Life on Mars AU in which Gene is Santa and everyone else are elves. Or reindeer.

I approve of this

For lack of actual art (I’m through my week of hell but life is still throwing things at me), have some tiny colour studies.


sleepy bird


For all my beautiful followers and everyone else going through a hard time. I’m here for you and I love you.

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